Rolex - a pioneer in tabulation technology

Tabulation technology has been produced from a single individual, developed into the current professional and technical personnel co-production. Each section of the replica watches uk white hand is the art of clean, from the designers, watchmakers, gem craftsmen to the chemical door are dedicated to each watch valuable professional knowledge and technology.

Rolex - ceramic outer ring rolex replica the outer ring, often subject to the sun or hard objects such as scraping the tip damage. To this end, Rolex created a unique ring with Cerachrom circle, the choice of hard ceramic. Ceramic erosion resistance is excellent, the color will not change due to ultraviolet radiation, more difficult to scratch.

Rolex-904L stainless steel Rolex selection of 904L stainless steel as the material of the watch case. 904L has a very excellent anti-erosion, widely used in the chemical industry. 904L is a very hard super alloy, and can be highly polished, and other precious metals used in replica watches, with the slightest buckle.